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A customer-centric, experience-driven lens for sustained digital transformation

Creative Story’s genesis started with a simple mission - to help companies solve the most challenging human-tech business challenges through a radically different, sustainable, and digitally-enabled lens.

Most digital transformation challenges are “solved” too quickly through a tech-centric approach that may not necessarily fully take into account and appreciate the unmet customer needs and the desired customer experience that should be fulfilled through the transformation program.

These transformations then go through a slow adoption and trust cycle across the organization, resulting in frustration, and missed KPIs across human & functional attributes, through all levels of the organization.


The Creative Story lens starts with a customer/consumer-centric mindset to understand the unmet, unarticulated needs of the company’s target market, thereby helping companies to fully understand the WHY behind their business challenge.

​This foundational needs-based step is then mapped across the end to end desired customer/consumer experience to expose pain points and ideate solutions to drive a consistent, seamless customer/consumer experience across the company’s products & service interactions with the target market.

Then, using a multi-disciplinary approach and through the power of trusted ecosystems of experts across the globe, digital enablers (Augmented Intelligence platforms, IoT, Advanced Analytics) are designed to guide the intelligence behind the company’s interactions with customers/consumers, thereby creating a “smarter” and “quicker” digital intelligence platform for the company.

Finally, since we started with unmet customer needs and guided the intelligence to delight the customer through multiple interactions with the company’s products & services, we are able to create a roadmap for rapid and sustainable adoption and trust across the company’s customer base.


This is the Creative Story approach,  a creative, human-centric approach to sustainable, customer-friendly,

digital transformation.  

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All our engagements start with a deeper understanding of the business challenge and the relevant unarticulated human needs behind that challenge.

This is then overlaid across the end to end desired customer experience to address pain points and map out solutions that deliver a positive, seamless CX and CE.


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